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Because our 90,000+ hourly employees and Cast Members deserve the best, Disney Aspire's best-in-class education investment program helps put dreams within reach.

Your dream. Your future. Your choice.

Disney pays 100% tuition up front at network schools for programs that include high school completion, English and Spanish language learning courses, vocational programs, undergraduate degrees, Master’s degrees, and more.

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100% Free Tuition

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Tuition is paid upfront at network schools. Required books & fees are reimbursed

Broad Network of Schools

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Non-profit and fully accredited universities and learning providers selected for their high completion and graduation rates among working adults

Future Ready

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Network schools and programs focus on skills needed for jobs of the future

290+ Programs

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Opening doors to education for all eligible employees

200+ Degrees

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Life-changing programs including Associate, Bachelor's and Master's Degrees

80+ Certificates

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Multiple options for building skills and equipping participants for a rapidly changing workplace and workforce

Coaching Support

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One on one coaching support from application to enrollment through to graduation

90,000 Eligible

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More than 90,000 hourly employees and Cast Members in the US are eligible

Maximum Flexibility

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Many programs and courses are available online to meet the schedules of working adults

Free tuition is not too good to be true, but too good to miss.

It’s easy to get started and prepare for future career success
  • 100% tuition paid up front for network schools. Fees and books required for the program are also reimbursable.
  • Participants receive coaching support from application to enrollment and every step along the way to help them succeed and graduate.
  • Multiple degree options—courses don’t need to be related to current roles at Disney, and will help participants prepare for the ever-evolving job market.
  • Flexible online courses make it easy for working adults to study at times that work for them, their families and their careers.

The fact that Disney is willing to pay for classes and pay for an entire major, I can rediscover what I want to do.

Tiara, College Start

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